Are there any rules?

To help maintain a safe, therapeutic environment, a few basic principles have evolved over the many years of our operation:
  • To remain at the Farm, residents need to be capable of engaging in all aspects of the program.
  • Violence, threats or any kind of harassment are not acceptable.
  • Palmerston Farm must remain free of alcohol and illicit drugs.
  • All prescribed medications must be handed to staff for safe storage immediately upon entry.
  • No intimate relationships between residents are allowed during the Farm program.
  • Sexual activity on the premises is prohibited.
  • No theft, malicious damage or vandalism of the Farm’s or anybody’s property is acceptable.


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True Stories

"When I got here I was not in a very good state. Leaving here I am strong and I work and deal with stuff as it comes along…..I feel that I am a very lucky bloke."

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