Child Care Access

Child care support is available for anyone wanting to access counselling or support services.

The aims are to:
  • Provide an easily accessible, free, appropriate childcare service to parents attending AOD services.
  • Ensure that parents of pre-primary aged children are not disadvantaged in their ability to access AOD services.
  • Increase the likelihood of retaining parents in AOD counselling where availability and cost of childcare are a barrier.

This service is funded by the Drug and Alcohol Office and coordinated through the Western Australian Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies.

A voucher is supplied to a client for child care. This voucher can be used while a parent is engaged in counselling or therapeutic group at Palmerston.

The voucher is issued for the number of hours a parent is in group or attending their one-to-one session, plus 1/2 hour either side for travel from the childcare centre to Palmerston.

To enquire further about access to child care services please ask a staff member when you ring up to arrange your appointment.


True Stories

"You have returned my son to us and there is no greater accolade I can give to you other than to say that I will remember what you have done till I die. Words cannot possibly cover the emotion I feel at knowing that ………… now has a future, largely due to the time spent at Palmerston Farm."

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