Needle and Syringe Program - Albany

Palmerston’s Albany branch provides equipment for safer injecting and prevention of Blood bourne virus and sexually transmitted diseases. We distribute these items from the front office in Albany, and from counsellors and support workers in the regional areas, where we provide services.

We use these contacts with clients as opportunities to talk about ways that we can minimise any potential health issues associated with their drug use.

Equipment we currently provide free of charge:

• Medi Swabs
• Fit Packs (Fit stick units)
• Barrel Syringes
• Condoms
• Lubricant
• Sterifilt filters
• Winged infusions

Due to funding restrictions, clients provide a small payment for the following:

• Wheel Filters
• Hirudoid Cream
• Disposable Tourniquets

Other Areas

Services in other areas can be accessed through the following:

See 'Links' for further contact details.


True Stories

"I have been here for 14 weeks and it has been the best 14 weeks of my life and now it is time to move on and have a good drug-free life..."

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