Therapeutic Community

Palmerston Farm is a Therapeutic Community offering a residential rehabilitation program designed for people wishing to address their substance use issues. The suggested minimum stay is 14 weeks, with residents having the opportunity to remain in the Therapeutic community for up to a year. The 10 acre semi-rural property is located 30 minutes south of Perth and offers 29 residential places for men and women and further transitional housing for three graduates of the program.

A Therapeutic Community

A Therapeutic Community (TC) is a supportive residential environment where residents are encouraged to create positive changes in their lives and to develop new life and coping skills. The TC Model facilitates personal growth within a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and one another. Residents in a Therapeutic Community play a significant role in the day to day operation of the community and in supporting each other.

Our Residents

Our clients come from all walks of life. Palmerston Farm accommodates people aged 18 and over, with significant drug/alcohol problems. Potential applicants must show a genuine commitment to change, be willing and able to engage in all aspects of our program and to remain involved and contributing to a structured communal living environment.

The Farm supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. There are six dedicated beds which are provided with support from The Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service, and Aboriginal staff are available to provide advice and support.

The TC Program

The aim of the program is to provide a safe environment, to encourage a sense of purpose in life and to foster a natural desire for personal growth, self-knowledge and self responsibility. We believe this personal development enables residents to instigate and maintain the changes required to face the challenges of effective everyday living. Mindful of these goals, our program contains various components, including:

  • active involvement in the Therapeutic Community as the primary focus
  • developing optimal mental and physical health and well-being
  • self-management skills and social skills training
  • horticultural and nursery work
  • counselling and group work
  • sport and recreational involvement
  • art and craft work


True Stories

"You guys really stood by me when the chips were down. I've felt totally supported through my journey.... I'll always think back to my time here with fondness. Thanks guys."

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