My Journey by Gary

It seems so long ago and distant now
That I was nursing a furrowed brow
The pain I felt, was so, so deep
My life I was sure, I didn’t want to keep

There at the crossroad, I stood and stood
Go forward I said, you know you should
I stood there, and thought for quite a while
My worries and troubles around me did pile

Finally, a decision I did make
To leave my past in my wake
Forward I went, straight and true
A decision I deemed not to rue

Goals I was convinced I did need
Not too sure now who planted that seed
It matters not, not now
I am not too interested in how

What now matters the most to me
Is I am now able to be free
Free of my past and the pain it did cause
The very pain that made my life pause

The farm here in Wellard was where I needed to be
Patience, support, knowledge and kindness was given to me
In return I tried my very best
My downhill spiral we did arrest

Slowly, slowly, I learned and grew
My attitude, belief and outlook seemed new
Once in a while I looked back into my past
This made me keep going, but not too fast

Today I am leaving this fantastic place
With mixed emotions written on my face
Into the future I will go
A big thankyou to all here, those who have helped me so…

True Stories

"Thank you for all the help.  I’ll always be thankful for what you’ve done for me."

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