Palmerston works from a systemic and inclusive perspective, meaning that social and familial context is taken into consideration when working with our clients. Wherever possible and appropriate, families and carers are included and involved in assessment, planning, service delivery and review. This involvement may be in a manner to support a client during their engagement, or,  through attending and receiving information, support and counselling as a group.

Palmerston is fully supportive of the Western Australian Carers Charter, and our policies and procedures seek to ensure that:

  • All persons who engage with our service, including carers, are treated with respect and dignity
  • The role of carers, where appropriate, is recognised through inclusion in the assessment, planning, delivery and review of services that impact on them
  • The views and needs of carers are taken into account together with the views, needs and best interests of our clients, when decisions are made that impact on carers
  • Our feedback and complaints process is fully inclusive of any feedback and complaints made by carers.

Palmerston values diversity and inclusivity. Everyone is welcomed, celebrated and included here.

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