Palmerston Association is a mission driven not for profit organisation. Its dynamic and highly professional Board provides strategic leadership, financial, and risk oversight within a robust governance framework. Palmerston continues to be an organisation of quality, adaptability and innovation.

Palmerston is committed to continuous quality improvement of its services to consumers, staff and stakeholders. It has been an accredited organisation since 2013 using the Standard on Culturally Secure Practice.

In November 2020 Palmerston was certified against the Alcohol and other Drug and Human Services Standard (AODHSS) (2019). Conducted by the Institute for Healthy Communities Australia, this certification audit was conducted remotely against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and a community  emerging after a period of lockdown. This was Palmerston’s transition to the new Standards from the Standard for Culturally Secure Practice (SCSP).

The Auditor found Palmerston’s staff were of high quality, highly skilled and experienced and motivated and genuinely committed to their consumers wellbeing. Communication appeared to be of a very high standard, particularly in the COVID-19 context. Staff at interview stated they felt well supported to undertake their roles. They indicated they worked in a very supportive environment, stating “I love working for Palmerston.” The Auditor interviewed 21 consumers. In discussion they stated, “like the way they operate”, “help you see things in another way” and “non-judgemental, trusting, safe, welcoming it feels like home”.

Office holders

Louise Johnstone Forster

Bruce Wiltshire
Vice Chair

Ian Edwards


Jordan Kelly

Erica Lampropoulos

Rupert Backhouse

Caroline Elliott

Sankar Thiagarajan

Estelle McDonald

Life Members

  • Hal Jackson
  • Rev George Davies
  • Maureen Hinton
  • John Isherwood (dec.)
  • Pam McKenna
  • Judge Julie Wager
  • Jeremy Rigg
  • Judy Alcock
  • Tony Silipo
  • Sheila McHale
  • Anna Stearne
  • Bram Dickens (dec.)