The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a commitment – a commitment to our staff, a commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities in Western Australia. Our commitment is this: in acknowledging that many wrongs have been committed against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Western Australia and of Australia since colonisation, Palmerston Association stands firm in its intent to work in different ways to improve the health and social wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with whom we work.

Our vision for reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is built on trust and relationship building, respecting the wisdom of Elders and providing opportunities. It includes a commitment to change, creating an environment of cultural competency, building trust with Elders and communities. It also involves working together with our Aboriginal staff. It is a vision that recognises the past and embraces the present opportunities for change. If we listen, we can achieve our vision.

Our vision is this: Aboriginal people feel comfortable walking through Palmerston’s doors, knowing they will be treated equally, respectfully, in a safe and culturally secure way, with genuine inclusiveness. Palmerston will have Aboriginal staff in senior management roles and have trust and faith in them. When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are looking for support they think of Palmerston as the place to go and when Aboriginal people are looking to work in the drug and alcohol sector, they think immediately of Palmerston.