To be the leading and most
trusted service improving the
lives of people affected by
alcohol and other drugs


To positively influence the
lives of people, families, and
communities affected by
alcohol and other drugs



In 2020, Palmerston Association will celebrate 40years of service to
the Western Ausralian community. Built on the efforts of many who
have preceded us, our rich history gives us much to be thankful for,
and proud of. As we approach our 40th anniversary, we are acutely
aware that we are operating in an environment of unprecedented
change, This environment can offer exciting opportunities for growth
and enrichment. Conversely it may challenge our sustainability. It
is up to us to determine how we respond and position ourselves
to thrive in times of change – hence the development of or new
strategic plan “Towards 2020”.

“Towards 2020” has been crafted with the input of many –
our staff and consumers who responded enthusiastically to
the Board’s request for feedback, and out Aboriginal Elders
who advised on possible future directions and opportunities.
The Board and senior management have distilled this wonderful
feedback into a succinct statement of vision and purpose with three
key robust, defensible and compelling overarching strategies,
underpinned by strong values. These will set Palmerston’s agenda
for the next two years.

We understand that a “business as usual” approach is not an option.
The aspiration in “Towards 2020” is building capacity for change and

It is indeed an exciting time to be part of the not for profit sector in
Western Australia.

Julie Wager

March 2018

Sheila McHale

Chief Executive Officer

Positively influence
more people’s lives and
with greater impact

We will place people at the heart of
our thinking.

  • Plan and invest in resources that reflect
    service need
  • Meet the unique cultural, social, and health
    needs of our consumers
  • Further build our relationship with the Aboriginal
    community and continue implementation of our
    Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Build more flexible services that meet
    consumer needs
  • Grow the reach of our services

Build our capability
and increase our
capacity to deliver
excellent service

We will invest in organisational
capability, and further grow
a skilled workforce which
thrives in changing

  • Identify and implement organisational
    management systems and processes that
    support our business priorities
  • Identify and use technology which supports
    our workforce to enhance service delivery
  • Invest in the training of our staff to build capability
  • Harness complementary opportunities for the
    provision of services allied to our core business
  • Support peer worker development and impact
    on service delivery

Lead the Australian
alcohol and other drug
sector in evidence based
practice and evaluation

We will continuously improve
our service

  • Continuously evaluate our service to identify,
    implement and promote best practice
  • Develop and deliver models of care in line
    with the best available evidence
  • Integrate other sources of research and
    evidence to inform practice
  • Use our evaluation data to influence
    strategic decisions in the sectore
  • Share learnings and insights with the
    sector and wider community
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