What can we OFFER?

  • counselling for your own alcohol or drug use
  • counselling if you are worried about someone else
  • counselling and support for family and friends
  • counselling if you are in trouble with the law
  • outreach counselling at schools or youth centres
  • information about other services


Counselling is talking with someone who is professionally trained to provide information and support if you are curious, concerned or having problems with your drug use or someone else’s drug use. A counsellor can help you find new ways to manage issues that are affecting you.


Yes. Any contact you have with us is confidential. It is important for you to know that whatever you talk about in counselling stays private. We will ask your permission before we speak with anyone else about what’s happening for you.

How much will it COST?

Counselling at Palmerston is FREE.

HOW LONG is a counselling appointment?

Most counselling sessions are about an hour long.