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Palmerston offers two residential services, one in a semi-rural location south of Perth and the other in a small town in the South West. Both residential rehabs are known as a therapeutic community (TC) as this describes the way the program is designed and how it works. Both properties offer a calm setting for individuals to participate in the program which consists of a structured and supportive environment where residents work together as a community to benefit their own recovery as well as each other.

Palmerston TC’s
Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting Aboriginal residents 

The Farm therapeutic community is situated on Nyoongar Whudjuk land. Our Kwinana Elders have advised that the land in Wellard was once traditional hunting grounds and does not have any traditional sites such as men’s or women’s business.

How do I access the program?

Assessment for the therapeutic residential programs usually happens at our Perth and Mandurah offices. Rural and regional applications can be conducted by telephone or video conferencing. The assessment is tailored to meet individual needs and to ensure maximum benefit from participating in the therapeutic community program. For this reason, the assessment process is slightly different for each individual and may vary in time to complete.

If you live in the metropolitan area and you think you may be interested in residential rehab, please attend an information session at either our Perth or Mandurah office. No appointment is necessary, just come along. Feel free to bring a support person with you.

Perth – Wednesdays at 10.00am
Mandurah – Mondays at 10.00am

If you reside outside of the Perth metropolitan area, please call or email our Perth or Mandurah office for further information and to make suitable application arrangements.

For all matters regarding residential rehabilitation, please contact our Perth or Mandurah office.

Transitional program

Following their program completion at our residential services, we offer residents access to three transitional houses located in the southern metropolitan suburbs of Wellard, Leda and Palmyra. These beautifully furnished homes offer residents who are at risk of homelessness a safe, short term independent living option, with support from Farm TC staff. Clients are assisted with independent living skills, integration back into the community and support to identify suitable long-term housing.